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The fashion, beauty and premium industries face severe global environmental and social challenges. While many brands are innovating within their supply chain to reduce impact on the environment, the step of promotion and advertising is often overlooked. We believe in creativity as a part of a sustainable circular economy. That’s why our goal is to strive to create work that is economically viable, environmentally restorative and socially constructive. 

We know this is the start of a long journey, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but by exploring new ways to make our projects as ethical and sustainable as they are creative we can offer clients novel methods of working that hopefully will one day become the norm.  






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We believe
in creativity as a part of sustainable

circular economy

Our goal is to produce communications that are economically viable, environmentally restorative and socially constructive.

_Sustainability Consulting 

We provide consultation on each project to offer a range of solutions that can reduce environmental impact from conception through production to final delivery. The goal is for the brands we work with to help improve upon the sustainability of their business enough to achieve certification such as ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard (QMS) and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard (EMS).   


Digital provides us with a huge tool to help prevent waste but with it comes the problem of digital pollution. Hosting servers have their own carbon footprint and digital OOH platforms require electricity. We work with service providers looking for new ways to make their business more efficient. Digital servers can be optimised and provided with electricity from only sustainable sources like wind and solar power. Some digital OOH companies are also investing in LED systems that use less electricity for advertising greener campaigns.   


Despite the rise of digital, print still has a huge role to play in promoting fashion, beauty and premium brands. While the immediate concern is paper, the ink used in outdoor print advertising also has an environmental impact. To combat this, we are working with suppliers who use 100% recycled paper, source materials from sustainable forests and are exploring the use of water-based ink, UV ink, soy-based ink and eco-solvent ink in our campaigns.   

_Video&Photo Production  

From materials and equipment to energy use and travel, video and photo production provide us with many opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of a project without reducing the quality of the creative output. We follow the guidelines supplied by the Environmental Media Association (EMA) to ensure our productions are as sustainable as possible. Our goal is to have all our projects awarded the The EMA Green Seal, which is a recognition program honoring progress in sustainable production. Download guidelines here.       

We know we have a long way to go, and that these initiatives will not be viable for every project we work on. As creative people we feel it is our responsibility to search for new ways to make our industry become more circular. We are always open to fresh ideas and new information, so if you have any advice for us on how we could improve our own processes, please get in touch.