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Isolating Beauty


Styles change over the generations but the themes that inspire Guerlain - French beauty, fine craft, and powerful, inspiring women - have remained strong for hundreds of years. 

To show our audience that Guerlain has always supported these values and consumers directly, especially during the Covid time, we were challenged to create a phydigital non-violent campaign. 


We took a female-driven artistic movement from the era the House of Guerlain was created and transport it into the digital world with a modern twist.  

Our campaign is focused on beauty, female empowerment, and French craft by drawing inspiration from a Berthe Morisot whose work doesn’t get the same amount of attention as her male peers. 

We reinvigorated her legacy and bring it to life in a way that our target audience loved and appreciated.  


Starting with a social campaign we rolled this out across various phygital channels to give our audience multiple points to interact with the work.  

Each visual we created shows women dealing with isolation, drawn in the style of Morisot and featuring real-life locations that our audience misses socializing at. 


Key visuals were created in real-life locations based in Paris. That allowed us to show support for the local community. *

*Experimental project










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